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Brendan Fukushima, proud son of Norman Fukushima, Gym Leader of Petalburg City! League Champion of the Hoenn Region. "Hey! Feel free to chat with me anytime! And make sure to leave me lots of fan mail!" Current Status : Travelling different Regions.
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I’ll use a random number generator and respond to…

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"Yes! Finally it came in!" Brendan said out loud with glee as he picked up a package that came in from the WPS (Wingull Package Service). He had been waiting for this ever since he ordered it. He quickly brought it to his room where he quickly opened it. "I’ve always wanted it, and finally I got one." Brendan held out the Poke ball that was chromed with silver alignment. 


"Alright Mom, I’m heading out!" Brendan said as he took off with Cloud. It was on to Lilycove City to pick up a few things for his room and his Mom. "How long has it been since you’ve flown Cloud?" He asked as he petted his bird Pokemon. Cloud cawed as they soared high above the clouds. Brendan looked down over to see the many routes and ocean waters around the Hoenn Region.

Finally, he was at Lilycove City and returned Cloud back into his Pokeball. He made his way over to the Department mall which was just up the street of the Pokemon Center. Brendan scratched his head as he tried once again for the Pokemon Lottery, not having any luck. “Well, maybe next time.” he said as he walked up the stairs. 

It was a fine day in Lilycove City, and Brendan was out buying medicine and groceries on a good day like this. “Hmph, I’d rather enjoy my day out on the beach rather than doing this…” he said to himself as he loped around the mall. He finished buying the merchandise and went upstairs to finally do his shopping for his room.

"5th floor please." Brendan said to the elevator service lady. He walked out and smiled, there were new products at the store! There was no way he was gonna miss out on the new things that the decoration store had to offer. From a distance, he saw some nice cushions that would do nicely for his room. He walked over, to take the last one, but someone else reached for it the same time he did. 

"Excuse me, I think I grabbed it first thank you very much." he said as he looked at the hand. … Wait a minute, where have I seen these gloves before…? 

"Umm, I think I grabbed it first."

…! And that voice… Brendan thought as he turned to look. In his surprise he fell back in shock. “M-May!?”

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"Y-you might not— Hey please don’t— She’s—!" Serena’s eyes widened as she saw the look the boy gave her Pokemon before bending down to pick the little fox Pokemon up. Fennekin certainly wasn’t one to be cooed on by other people. This wasn’t going to end well at all, Serena bit her lip quickly reaching her hands out to retrieve her Pokemon.

Too late. The little Pokemon, now agitated more than ever, unleashed a blaze of her powerful Ember attack. "Ah… Not that friendly." Serena finished, feeling bad as the boy wiped his face of the ash. "Are you okay?" Serena studied his slightly red face, traces of burns beginning to show. Satisfied, Fennekin trotted to her side and sat down, licking her paws nonchalantly and cleaning the spots of her fur where the boy’s hands had been. 

"Thank you, though." Serena accepted the compliments, feeling more relieved when Fennekin decided to join the other Pokemon still playing in the grass. "Oh," Serena bowed her head with a wide smile, reaching out to shake the boy’s hand. She held back the Kalos’ usual greeting— a peck on each cheek. It would be a little weird to a stranger tourist that had just arrived. "I’m Serena, I love your name— and hat! It’s nice to meet you too." she replied.


When he apologised again for the collision, Serena laughed lightly and shook her head. "It’s fine, it’s fine, honestly. It happens!" Then she realised where he was from, "Wow! Hoenn? I really need to visit, do you think I could get myself a cool new hat or bandanna there?" Serena grinned, fashion being her forte as she circled the male, trying not to let him lose balance as she studied his Hoenn clothing. 

"Are you okay?" the trainer said as Brendan shook the ash from his face. The pain wasn’t that bad, but it shocked him a bit. Who knew it could blast an ember like that. “Daijobudayo, I’m alright haha.” Brendan said as he scratched the back of his head. "Thank you, though." she said, “No problem! It was my fault for picking Fennekin up in the first place.”


"Nice to meet you Serena! So, you’re from here in the Kalos region aren’t you?" he asked as he was mingling around in the rollerskates, trying to get used to them. It was pretty tough for Brendan, since it was his first time. Especially braking.He slipped every now and then, and wailed his arms when he almost fell. 

"Wow! Hoenn? I really need to visit, do you think I could get myself a cool new hat or bandanna there?" Serena said. Brendan smiled, “Thanks! The Hoenn Region’s a great place, lots of cool things to see out there, especially the town floating on the ocean. Oh and yeah you can get nice hats or bandanna’s at the Lilycove Mall at Lilycove City! It’s a pretty huge mall.” Brendan said as he thought about the last time he was there, buying decorations for his secret base.

Brendan was curious as to what the Kalos Region had in store for him. “Hey Serena, do you guys have secret bases?” Brendan asked before waving his arm. “Wait nevermind, so what are some hot tourist attractions that Kalos has to offer? Mind showing me around?” Brendan asked as he smiled and chuckled. “If you do then can we go slow? I’m still getting used to these…” he said as he looked down to his roller blades. 


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Anonymous said: Brendan x May

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If you can think of a ship, i will answer these questions for them

who cooks normally?:

how often do they fight?:

what do they do when they’re away from each other?:

nicknames for each other?:

who is more likely to pay for dinner?:

who steals the covers at night?:

what would they get each other for gifts?:

who remembers things?:

who cusses more?:

what would they do if the other one was hurt?:

who kissed who first?:

who made the first move?:

who started the relationship?:

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Anonymous said: A hat and a grass starter huh? Sound familiar?

Sounds like me, Is there a problem with that?”

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The paper wrapped candy bar fell down onto the ground in front of Ethan and he looked down at. When the other boy spoke he looked around and examined his surroundings. He… Definitely had made a fuss. He’d absolutely ruined the shop’s displays.

"Clean it up? You mean by myself?!" He finally pushed himself up off the ground and stood upright. "No! You have to help me! It’s your fault as much as it was mine."

He picked up the candy bar from the ground and his brow creased. All that for a candy bar. Was it worth it? Not at all. It was probably one of the most petulant things Ethan had ever done.

"So, I hope you don’t have any plans for the rest of day, because I ain’t cleaning this by myself." He grumbled.


"Clean it up? You mean by myself?!" He finally pushed himself up off the ground and stood upright. "No! You have to help me! It’s your fault as much as it was mine." 

Brendan complained about it as much as he did, oh the joy. “T-There’s no way I’d clean up a mess like this! Especially since I didn’t make the mess! You baka!” Brendan and the boy quarreled until the shop keeper picked both of them up.

The shop keeper was a huge man with enormous muscles, easily picking up the both of them. "You two little brats will both clean up the mess you made in my store. Got it?" the shopkeeper had a deep, intimidating voice. Brendan looked over at the boy and nodded. “Ano… Okay, I’ll help clean up.” he gulped as he laughed lightly. 


Brendan glared as he was picking up trash that was caused by the idiot who made the mess in the first place.  Kuso… That baka. Making me pick up the mess he made. he thought as he put the trash in a bag. 

While they were picking up the mess he had made, Brendan sighed. “I’m Brendan, what’s your name?”


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She couldn’t believe her rotten luck. Bracing for biting impact, Touko squeezed her eyes shut as darned gravity assumed its role. Her scrambling mind was too swamped with endless echoes of swearing - which would ultimately get her banished from Cheren’s training school if she dare voiced such foul curses in the presence of his young students - that she failed to detect the approaching footsteps of a naïve fellow.

A very, very naïve fellow…

Touko produced a sound somehow categorized between a yelp and a grunt when arms wrapped around her belly and valiantly saved her and Purrloin. Cracking open her eyes following the initial rush of surprise, the brunette glanced over her shoulder to spy a pair of ruby eyes and a wide, goofy smile. She could only gape in horror upon grasping the nature behind his boyish laugh. Mid-fall, she tossed her trembling Pokémon onto his extended arms before crashing against the waves.

Bubbles seeped from her puffy mouth in place of her internal screams. Shaking off the paralyzing haze of the frigid water, Touko thrust herself skyward and broke the surface, greeted by a wave and cheery, "Hey there!" Touko made a feral sound that would’ve made her Purrloin proud. She shook her head, flinging droplets of salty water in all different directions then cast the most derisive look she had at her disposal at the boy on the pier. Standing there…dry and smiling…

"Hey there!?" She growled. This kid was beggin’ for a roundhouse kick to the face - something Touko would happily deliver. Between coughs, she managed to attack, “W-w-what is wrong with you? Did you really think I was plannin’ on going for a swim? The water’s f-freezing!”

Touko stopped. The lass swallowed whatever words she was about to fire next, the pause giving the opportunity for the cold to sink in even further. She finally took stock of her position. Shut up and get out of the water, wouldya.

The small Purrloin mustered up a measly hiss before hopping off the male’s arm to meet her trainer at the edge of the pier. Her helpless mewling ceased upon hearing her trainer’s words, “Oh n-no, back away from the edge. You’re not fallin’ in a second time, missy.” Despite her reluctance, Touko glanced up at the young man and afforded him with an innocent expression. “Mind offerin’ a hand? Please?

When Brendan saw the girl give him a rage stare, he froze. Kuh! Ano… This girl really looks like she’s about to roundhouse kick me. he thought as he smiled in embarrassment. He didn’t know what she wanted, so he took his best bet. It was the best he could do on such short notice, at least he saved her Pokemon.

“W-w-what is wrong with you? Did you really think I was plannin’ on going for a swim? The water’s f-freezing!”

Brendan chuckled lightly, “G-Gomen… How was I supposed to know…” he said quietly as she swam back to shore. Her Pokemon hissed before hopping off of his arms to meet her trainer back at the shore.

He followed the small Purrloin to its trainer and stood there in embarrassment. “Oh n-no, back away from the edge. You’re not fallin’ in a second time, missy.” the trainer said as she was slowly making her way up. Brendan chuckled a bit and then went silent when she glanced at him with an innocent, but angry looking expression.

“Mind offerin’ a hand? Please?” the girl asked.

"Sumimasen!" Brendan said quickly as he helped her up back onto land. "Sorry about that… Maybe we could forget this happened and just forgive and forget?" Brendan asked with a nervous smile.

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“T-thank thee for your kindness. Thee are q-quite the gentleman.” She responded, nodding slightly to his offer of an extra sleeping bag. Lady Lyn knew very little about the details of traveling and had packed… less than necessary things instead of tents or lanterns. She would have called Queen Igraine out, but didn’t want the fiery lioness to be taxed by the muddy waters. Carefully she tucked the stained towel away, constantly nervous of spreading her affliction. She took out her coin purse and took out a few pieces of paper within it. “Is 50,000 P-Pokemon Dollars a-adequate for the serviette and usage of s-supplies?” She inquired holding out the money. The young lady felt a bit embarrassed; perhaps it was too low of an offer. She had planned to withdraw more money in the next city.


Hearing his question she smiled and sat up in a pose befitting of her status while still offering the payment. “How r-rude of me. I am Lady Lyn Labelle, Heiress of Poke Puff Designs. And thee, monsieur?Her title rolled off her tongue as if it were a simple fact and every bit as important as her first or surname. Since a child she had been addressed as such, with the only person calling her otherwise was her late mother. Those were simpler days of course. Before the family rose again to its noble and powerful standing. Before her father changed.


“Is 50,000 P-Pokemon Dollars a-adequate for the serviette and usage of s-supplies?” questioned the lady as she pulled out a small coin purse. Brendan’s eyes widened as he blushed. There was just no way he could take that money. 

He raised his hand and waved the money away. “Daijobudayo! I’m fine really, there’s no need to pay me.” Brendan smiled at her while he prepared the tent. He looked up and saw the night sky of the Kalos Region. “Sugoi…” he said to himself as he finished preparing the tent. 

It had been a while since he’d been home. Navigating to the Kalos Region was not an easy task, especially since his PokeNav was outdated and had to be updated to it’s recent release. But it was worth it since he caught a Fletchling and evolved it into a Talonflame. He took out the Pokeball and smiled. Welcome to the family, Talon.

“How r-rude of me. I am Lady Lyn Labelle, Heiress of Poke Puff Designs. And thee, monsieur?

Brendan smiled and bowed, “Konnichiwa! I’m Fukushima, Brendan! From Littleroot Town!” he said as he stood tall and threw out a peace sign. “It’s nice to meet you Ms.Lyn!” he said as he smiled. She’s a heiress of Poke Puff Designs? Sugoi ne… he thought as he looked at her curiously. 

"Excuse me Ms.Lyn, do you have any Pokemon with you?" he asked curiously. He wanted to know, but he basically knew she had to have at least one. I mean who would go on an adventure without Pokemon?